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Worst Film Ever made!

Okay, so I'm new to the group and I would just like to say hey to everyone and what not.

Now, first off, I have to say that the worst movie ever made would have to be "Cabin Fever." It was absolutely totally inane and just down right wrong. Especially when the girl was shaving her bruised and sore filled legs with a razor. I wanted to gag. The jokes were terrible and made no sense. Of course like all movies, one has to suspend some disbelief in order to keep watching, but for the ENTIRE movie!!!! Come on!!!!!

Even the sex scenes were just absolutely wrong! I hadn't felt that bad since Watching "28 Days Later."

Me and my friends tend to watch tons of movies, and if you ever want to save yourself from such terribleness, just ask. We mostly focus on bad horror films, but then again when discriminate! There are tons of really wrong movies in the world to make fun of.

There have been several occassions in which all of us wanted to commit mass suicide after viewing such movies. And yes we occassionly give heart wretching suicide notes to the movie rental places, sometimes getting a few laughs . . . most of the time getting in trouble. But . . . there must be a voice out in the world to speak out against such trash.

Wow, just call me mister grumpy. If you want to agree or disagree, feel free. But don't be violent, I'm such a puss!!!!
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