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It was Crap-tacular!

Hey, have any of you seen the movie "Cold Creek Manor" with Denis Quaid, Sharon Stone, and Stephen Dorff.

Yeah, another wonderful movie to come out of the studio system. I do have to give it some props for making me laugh my ass off when the innocent family (Quaid, Stone, and their unknown actor kids) was attacked by a hoard of snakes--all hailing from at least three different hemispheres and not indiginous to Up-state New York. I think Stephen Dorff must've been the owner of some reptile zoo or something. But, oh my god, Quaid and Stone had some goofy reactions to the whole thing. You should rent it just for that scene, it was hilarious--I really hope that was what the filmakers intended.

Oh yeah, a very ironic part when Denny Quaid yells, "Get out of my House!" and then pushes the evil villian through a sky light where he plummets and dies from the fall--INSIDE THE FRIGGIN HOUSE.

And Juliet Lewis as a dirty, trailer-trash hussy, who falls for the wrong man . . . . yeah, big stretch in acting there, Juliet.

The only other redeeming quality besides the comedy (intended or not) was Stephen Dorff's half naked, shiny tanned body prancing around half the movie.

There, I've said my piece. I hope I didn't offend anyone . . . if you have any comments please submit them in writing to the branch office. Thanks For your Cooperation.
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