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Lesbian vampire porn association

For all your lesbian vampire porn needs

Lesbian Vampire Porn Appreciation
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All Members , Moderated
Hey, you out there! Sit up straight and listen. You've tuned into the lesbian vampire (porn) appreciation society maintained by me, pale_scales. Lucky you. As the name suggests this community is for the discussion of vampires who happen to be lesbians as well as lesbians who happen to be vampires. But why limit yourself to such a narrow field. Discussions of all sorts of B-movies are welcome. In fact discussion of pretty much anything within reason is welcome. We're just here to unite lesbian vampire lovers across the globe.

Before we begin, just a brief warning.

I know it says up there that this is the Lesbian Vampire Porn Appreciation society but posting of things deemed explicit are forbidden. By deemed explicit I mean stuff I think is going to far. This community is meant to be a nice place for people to enjoy, which is vaguely related to B-movies and the like. Disagree? You're welcome to your say but take it too far and you might be asked to leave. That said given the friends I already have I can imagine that this community will not be suitable for some. If anyone knows of a way I can block people who actually registered themselves as under 13 on LJ please tell me so I can do so.

Also, the name for this community is kind of a running joke with my friends. We don't mean to upset or offend anyone, be they lesbians or vampires or anything else so don't take it the wrong way.

For now that is all.