Brye (22_oracle_22) wrote in lesbianvampires,

You'd Think After Hundreds of Years of Living . . . You'd be a Lot Less Dramatic.

Van Helsing

Was it just me, or did anyone else find everybody in this movie to be way too super melodramatic.

Don't get me wrong, I thought it was very entertaining and didn't mind paying money to see it.

In particular, the Vampire Women. Every little thing sent these girls into shrilling Cries and made them claw helplessly at the air or fly away all disgusted and hurt. Honestly I think in one scene two of them do it for like 3 minutes straight through.

You'd think after 400 years of life, you'd be a little less dramatic and a lot more cynical or something.

"Oh darn, my vampire babies died again . . . well that makes 50 batches now that's gone sour. This really sucks."

But it was a good entertaining movie though, I do recommend it.
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