"Could you wake up a different person?" (spoocewang) wrote in lesbianvampires,
"Could you wake up a different person?"

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It is 7 am and I am posting on the internet with no sleep in at least 20 hours.

I joined, because Lesbian Vampires are super hot, and there's not enough porn featuring them on the internet. I would suggest the only way they could get better is if they were Lesbian Vampire Ninja-Pirate Zombie Schoolgirls.

Anyway, I like watching B movies and playing video games. I think sunlight is overrated. I'm geeky enough to be shunned by the "normies," but not enough to be nailing hot pink haired chicks at cons. I am the geek who walks...ALONE.

I'm bored. IM me or drop me an email. Or read my journal. Nobody else does!!!

To the poster ragging on "Cabin Fever," I would suggest you watch Night of the Zombies before you give away that "worst movie ever" award.

Night everyone. Or morning, as the case may be.

As a random footnote, does anyone know how to bind an IP address on your local network to a particular machine to keep it from "resetting"? Does anyone even know what I just said? :(

Sleep time.
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